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Email and Confidentiality Information

Pembrokeshire CAB, trading as Citizens Advice Pembrokeshire operates an extensive confidentiality and privacy policy as required under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Any personal information you provide us with will be processed by us and we have a legitimate interest to do this. We require explicit consent to process your special category data.

We always treat your information as confidential and will only pass on your information to a 3rd party if you have given explicit consent to do so or if there a legal basis for doing so.  This could include situations where we have to use or share your information:


  • to comply with the law - for example, if a court orders us to share information. This is called ‘legal obligation’

  • to protect someone’s life - for example, sharing information with a paramedic if a client was unwell at our office. This is called ‘vital interests’

  • to carry out our legitimate aims and goals as a charity - for example, to create statistics for our national research. This is called ‘legitimate interests’

  • for us to carry out a task where we’re meeting the aims of a public body in the public interest - for example, delivering a government or local authority service. This is called ‘public task’

  • to carry out a contract we have with you - for example, if you’re an employee we might need to store your bank details so we can pay you. This is called ‘contract’

  • to defend our legal rights - for example, sharing information with our legal advisors if there was a complaint that we gave the wrong advice


We will retain your email for as long as is necessary to provide you with the advice you need and we may store anonymous statistical information to report to funders and to improve the service we provide to all clients.


Internet email is a way of making general enquires but it is not a secure way to send personal information and whilst Citizens Advice Pembrokeshire makes every effort to ensure the security and integrity of our emails we cannot guarantee the security of transmissions over the internet.  When we respond to your email we will only respond to the address of the sender and you may receive an encrypted response if the information we are sending is of a personal nature. There will be instructions on how to read the email contained in the response.


If you are concerned about security or confidentiality then please contact us by telephone or in person at one of our drop-in sessions.  Our full privacy policy is available here along with National Citizens Advice's privacy policy.